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Brainstorm. Deliberate. Summarize.

Help your organization reduce risk
when making critical decisions.

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Ideas change the world.

But ideas are cheap. You don't need more ideas; you need to know which ideas are the ones worth implementing.

With limited resources, implementation is everything, so it must be based on solid ideas-- those ideas which are valid, relevant, resilient.

Some conversations are worth taking the time to do right, and that requires a solid engagement plan and the right collaboration tools.

With OnlineTownhalls software, you'll find out which ideas have the most support and more importantly, you will find those ideas which are most resilient to opposing arguments. This helps you reduce risk and implement the right ideas the first time around. Measure twice; cut once.

Enable your participants to share a common operational picture of how each other's ideas interrelate. See the common ground and areas of disagreement in color. Uncover key insights that were previously out of reach.

Through the peer-to-peer participation, opinion leaders will surface, giving you even more insight into your audience.

Save time. Make better decisions faster. Engage and inspire.

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Image of Quotation Marks Few people think of strategic planning as fun and engaging, but those words aptly describe the OnlineTownhalls experience. The simplicity of the software enabled our board members to mind-map ideas, add notions, build on one another’s thoughts, and vote, without missing a beat at work. Then, by the time we convened our formal planning process, we had already covered a lot of ground, which made far better use of our face-to-face time—an absolute must for a board whose members are all over the U.S.

John Backman
Board Member, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Author, Why Can’t We Talk? Dialogue as a Habit of the Heart

Image of Quotation Marks In looking for a variety of enrichment programs to provide critical thinking skills for our middle school students, we stumbled upon your website. I am so thrilled that I have found a resource to provide 1000 middle school students with an opportunity to extend and enrich their thinking by using your resource to connect with other students outside of their campus and community. Thank you for providing public schools with an important resource to help our students develop important lifelong skills and learn beyond the classrooms.

Kim Heckman
Pershing Middle School
Houston, Texas


Organization Size Per Quarter
Political Campaign Jurisdiction < 250,000      $4,000     
Jurisdiction > 250,000      $5,000     
Jurisdiction > 1,000,000      $10,000     
Elected Representative Jurisdiction < 250,000      $8,000     
Jurisdiction > 250,000      $10,000     
Jurisdiction > 1,000,000      $20,000     
Government Agency Jurisdiction < 250,000      $8,000     
Jurisdiction > 250,000      $10,000     
Jurisdiction > 1,000,000      $20,000     
Non-Profit Employees < 10 $1,000     
Employees > 10 $3,000     
Employees > 500 $6,000     
Business or Employees < 100 $8,000     
Trade Association Employees > 100 $10,000     
Employees > 500 $20,000     
School Grades 5-12 Free     
College All $15,000     
There is a 15% discount for annual contracts. Prices include unlimited conversations with unlimited participants. Live phone support from 9am-5pm Eastern is included to provide the following:
  • design suggestions for effective online public engagement,
  • advice on blending online and in-person methods, and
  • tech support for conversation organizers.

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Charlottesville, VA & Washington, DC

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